Screening :: Before

Thanks to everyone who submitted to and attended October’s screening of BEFORE!! I love seeing all the creativity and watching everyone grow as filmmakers. And it’s exciting to see the community get bigger and closer! It’s great to see all of you every month and to meet new people.

It was great to see some amazing minute movies from some great filmmakers! Warner took us back to where he came from “before.” Jesse and John brought a psychological thriller. Peter had a very poetic piece about the light “before” the darkness. Elliot took us to a time “before” the old forest from last month. Mark and August had a short comedy “before” cosmetic surgery. Michelle had an adorable kitten video. Nick showed us what life was like “before”. Stuart submitted a last second video “before” the screening. And we had a Minute Movies first this month! Mary Beth showed us an amazing hologram, bringing a bit of transmedia to our screening.

Hope to see you all next time! Stay tuned for the videos 🙂