Month: June 2014

Water Wizard :: Don Baker

Water Wizard :: Don Baker

This short video touches on the brilliance of Austrian forester Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958).
He is considered the first eco-pioneer, and was nicknamed the Water Wizard. From observing nature, he learned many of her secrets and put them to use in innovative and useful ways. Yet he remains unknown to most people. There are several fascinating books on him and his discoveries and machines, which include sophisticated diagrams. I believe he was a truly brilliant person and is comparable to inventors of the stature of Buckminster Fuller.

The hardest part of this video was trying to condense an immense amount of work into a few simple statements. The video was shot at Lake Quinault. I used simple water scenes with text to tell this, as his materials and photos are protected by copyright laws.


Screening of Brilliant

Last night’s screening was awesome! An intimate group of people and only 5 minute movies this time, but it was still amazing. Mark and Don both submitted films (tied for most number of submissions!) and Scott sent one in for the first time. The intro was done in the nick of time along with my own submission.

Minute movies is great for getting the creative juices flowing and getting it done. Nothing like a deadline to really make the magic happen!

As always, can’t wait for next time! July’s theme: BOUNDARY