Every month we’re going to each make a minute movie on a theme. So check back each month to see what the new theme will be. Your interpretation can be as literal or as figurative as you want. Let your imagination take over!

All minute movies will be screened the third Sunday of the month. So come see your movie on the big screen, talk about it, get feedback from your peers, learn new techniques and meet awesome people!

See you there!

I’ll be posting filmmaker stories here during the month, so be sure to send me your story!



Some quick guidelines:

-All movies should be roughly one minute long, no more than two minutes

-No copyrighted material (including music*)

-Keep everything respectful (i.e. no porn)

-Upload your video online (YouTube/Vimeo), send me an email at with the link and I’ll post a list of all the videos after they’ve been screened.

-Movies will be screened on a first-come, first-serve basis. So send me the link as soon as you’re done!

-Priority will be given to those who are present at the meeting, but if you finish a movie and can’t make it, send me the link and I’ll still screen it!

*A few sites for royalty free music:
Incompetech – ‪…
DanoSongs – ‪
Mobygratis – ‪….
Free Soundtrack Music – ‪
ccMixter – ‪
Partners in Rhyme – ‪
Pac DV – ‪
Public Domain 4 U – ‪
Musopen – ‪
Beatpick – ‪


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