Brilliant Thoughts :: Sarah Ferrier

Brilliant Thoughts :: Sarah Ferrier

The idea for this video, like the other ones I’ve done, just sort of came to me and then I had to figure out how to pull it off. I thought it would be cool to have a person in a crowd of moving people talking about how lonely it feels to be smarter than the people around her. I remembered a photography class I took in high school where I took a photo with a long exposure of people standing still in a crowd and everyone else blurring by. I wanted to capture that same look, but on video. We went with something in the middle – timelapse. In order to get the effect of moving around her we strapped the tripod on a bicycle, locked the handlebars at an angle and pushed the bike one inch every second. It took about half an hour to get all the way around the circle. We did the full circle once and then went to a couple other locations around the city and did partial circles. Unfortunately we didn’t take notes and ended up having gaps in the circle where there was only one location. So we added special effects to make it not seem boring in those places. Enjoy!

Water Wizard :: Don Baker

Water Wizard :: Don Baker

This short video touches on the brilliance of Austrian forester Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958).
He is considered the first eco-pioneer, and was nicknamed the Water Wizard. From observing nature, he learned many of her secrets and put them to use in innovative and useful ways. Yet he remains unknown to most people. There are several fascinating books on him and his discoveries and machines, which include sophisticated diagrams. I believe he was a truly brilliant person and is comparable to inventors of the stature of Buckminster Fuller.

The hardest part of this video was trying to condense an immense amount of work into a few simple statements. The video was shot at Lake Quinault. I used simple water scenes with text to tell this, as his materials and photos are protected by copyright laws.