Remember Playlist

Here is the playlist for all of the minute movies for the theme Remember. So many creative people contributed this month. Can’t wait for the next screening!


Remember :: Hari Har Khalsa

Remember :: HariHar Khalsa

When I arrived home from our Seattle Minute Movies, Sunday evening, with our new topic, “remember,” for this coming month, I sat down to write brain-storming creative thoughts on “remember.” What came out that night was the poem.  I thought this is nice but what am I going to film? The idea came to me to film the poem in beatnik style on a black screen, hard lighting, visible microphone, and black clothing.  The black clothing was the next challenge for me because I didn’t own anything black and haven’t my whole life because of personal choices. The color doesn’t fit my lifestyle.  While entertaining my sister in law with the sites of Seattle I gathered the necessary props for shooting. Then the fun began.


Am I in darkness or faded light?

Is it fog or the middle of the night?

Struggling struggling movement restricted

Vague oppression weighted twisted

Twirling St Christopher at the end of its chain

Praying for the help that I expect to gain

Looking for something I haven’t found

Hoping its not me buried with a frown

Concentrating, thinking, thinking going to provide

A calmness, a stillness inside

This conclusion delusion, runs as a song

Ringing inside of my head like a gong

Luckily, the Memory Gods have their own Division

Cleaning the De………..bri emerging Vision

I awaken, I remember

Enjoy, Hari Har

Remember… :: Mark Davidek

Remember… :: Mark Davidek


With this month’s theme, I wanted to do something different. My first thought was to do woodsy footage with the sound of the city and the city footage with the sounds of nature. I kept thinking of this for a few weeks. My busy work schedule has little time me to go off and shoot, but I found time to take a walk in Discovery Park. I found wide vistas of water and paths in the green forest. Just the right footage needed. For the city footage I used stock footage I had from a previous project.  With just a week remaining, I put together a rough cut and then worked at it a few hours night, cutting and cutting and trying to get it down to less than two minutes. Then on Sunday, hours before the screening I was finished. So what is it that I wanted you to remember? The Environment. Happy Earth Day!

Sister Dreams :: Sarah Ferrier

Sister Dreams :: Sarah Ferrier

You know how when you have a dream and how you can barely remember the dream when you wake up, just some sort of feeling? I had no idea what the dream was going to be, just that I wanted it to be “dreamy”. A couple nights later I had this dream about getting a tattoo that my sister chose for me. I didn’t have time to find a tattoo shop for my location, or someone with tattoos for my actor, but my mom is an artist so I asked if she’d paint on me. The morning of the shoot I asked her to paint my arm, back and leg and she created the amazing art in the film.

In working on this one and the last one I’ve been learning how to direct a narrative piece. Doing a storyboard and coming up with the shoot schedule and directing the actors (or myself). The shoot and rough-cut didn’t take too long and then the rest of the week was spent playing with special effects and looks and blending layers off and on around work.

The final piece I feel like is very similar to an actual dream. Discontinuity, strange colors, never quite getting where you want, everyone else seeming to know how to navigate it normally.

I’ve taken the opportunity of Minute Movies to stretch myself as a filmmaker and try new things. One of the reasons I started this group was to give myself and fellow filmmakers a chance to practice their craft and experiment with new ideas. Constant practice is the best way to get better at anything. I know I need a deadline to keep myself honest about finishing projects and it seems other people do too. I’m excited to see everyone grow as filmmakers.

Remember :: Peter Feysa

Remember :: Peter Feysa

I always knew my father had a troubled childhood with the stories he would tell. This pain he feels haunts him, and of course as a film-maker, I wanted to explore his past with a simple on camera interview. He had no clue why I brought my film equipment to his house when I visited him this past weekend. That is until I took the camera out and asked him for an interview. He said no immediately, but after 20 minutes of conversation and encouragement, he was ready to tell his story. Being vulnerable with the most intimate of memories from your past, painful memories involving your loved ones, takes a lot of courage. To expose yourself in front of an audience can be excruciating, and he felt it right before the camera rolled. However, as the interview progressed, it not only got easier, but he was anxious to share more. Healing took place that night, and hopefully for the viewers who could mildly relate to abuse of any kind.