Time is the Interval :: Don Baker

Time is the Interval :: Don Baker

I am interested in the way we communicate the idea of time and time management, using symbols, icons, timelines and other structures to codify and organize around it in manageable ways. Yet as much as we adhere to structure and schedules regarding time, we also know that time is malleable, that the way we think about it affects the way we perceive it.

Although we know that time is now, our minds treat the past as real, and the I ching offers a window into possible future actions.

This video feels like a moving painting of vignettes more than a linear narrative, and perhaps that is fitting enough, considering that when we create, we look to the past while envisioning something yet to be formed, stretching linear time in both directions.

Details: Canon Vixia HF200, H2 Zoom audio recorder, Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash, After Effects, Premiere Pro

The audio track is from iPhone ringtones.