Cold :: John Hartman

Cold :: John Hartman

“I would have gone with the original idea for filming “Cold” but for one thing — I did not want to have myself running through the mountain snow in Speedos while I had a COLD. So, made a “safe” film, which is usually not like me. I settled for a mildly cold stream to dunk myself in…

And now you know my dirty little secret!”

— John Hartman, filmmaker

Cold Screening

2015 is off to a fantastic start! Everyone’s Minute Movies were nice and COLD. I always love meeting new people and seeing all the creative juices flowing. Interpretations of the theme are so creative. Thanks to all of you who turned out the screening and a special thanks to the filmmakers who submitted!


Sarah Ferrier :: The Park

Bill Reid :: Cold

John Hartman :: Cold

Peter Ray :: Cold Passage

Mark Davidek :: Anticipating a Cold One

Nick Noe, Dion Sorenson, Michelle Noe :: Happy Montage (with Montage)

Stuart Ferrier :: The Thaw

See you all next month for FLOW!