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Remember :: Hari Har Khalsa

Remember :: HariHar Khalsa

When I arrived home from our Seattle Minute Movies, Sunday evening, with our new topic, “remember,” for this coming month, I sat down to write brain-storming creative thoughts on “remember.” What came out that night was the poem.  I thought this is nice but what am I going to film? The idea came to me to film the poem in beatnik style on a black screen, hard lighting, visible microphone, and black clothing.  The black clothing was the next challenge for me because I didn’t own anything black and haven’t my whole life because of personal choices. The color doesn’t fit my lifestyle.  While entertaining my sister in law with the sites of Seattle I gathered the necessary props for shooting. Then the fun began.


Am I in darkness or faded light?

Is it fog or the middle of the night?

Struggling struggling movement restricted

Vague oppression weighted twisted

Twirling St Christopher at the end of its chain

Praying for the help that I expect to gain

Looking for something I haven’t found

Hoping its not me buried with a frown

Concentrating, thinking, thinking going to provide

A calmness, a stillness inside

This conclusion delusion, runs as a song

Ringing inside of my head like a gong

Luckily, the Memory Gods have their own Division

Cleaning the De………..bri emerging Vision

I awaken, I remember

Enjoy, Hari Har