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Blue Me

I tend to work quickly. Ideas pop into my mind and I work on putting the pieces together. With Blue Me, that’s what happened. The idea of going on a trip around the color Blue sprang forth and in an afternoon of creating and playing I put together Blue Me.

I took footage I had recently taken on a train trip to Portland, but I wanted a more surreal look so I played around with the images using the cartooning effect in my editing software. This lead to different colors and shapes, I left the sound of the train to add to the feeling of going somewhere. For the next few images I used a technique called Lens whacking, where you take the lens off your DSLR and move it to go in and out of focus and to let light in. I learned about this from Indy mogul (a YouTube channel). It gives the images of my paintings a dream like feel. Here are the un-whacked images of the paintings I featured:

Painting 1 Painting 2Painting 3Painting 4


The music I selected also helps propel the feeling of movement.

I really enjoyed this exercise in filmmaking and I am already mulling ideas on next month’s theme.

Hope to see you at the next Seattle Minute Movies screening.