Remember :: Peter Feysa

Remember :: Peter Feysa

I always knew my father had a troubled childhood with the stories he would tell. This pain he feels haunts him, and of course as a film-maker, I wanted to explore his past with a simple on camera interview. He had no clue why I brought my film equipment to his house when I visited him this past weekend. That is until I took the camera out and asked him for an interview. He said no immediately, but after 20 minutes of conversation and encouragement, he was ready to tell his story. Being vulnerable with the most intimate of memories from your past, painful memories involving your loved ones, takes a lot of courage. To expose yourself in front of an audience can be excruciating, and he felt it right before the camera rolled. However, as the interview progressed, it not only got easier, but he was anxious to share more. Healing took place that night, and hopefully for the viewers who could mildly relate to abuse of any kind.


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