Filmmaker Stories :: MK Barr :: Blue Wave vs Red Moon

Blue Wave vs Red Moon

I wasn’t going to do the first minute movie but everyone was having so much fun doing their planning that I couldn’t resist. Frank and I were walking around Lake Union when I thought about using a character I created a couple of years ago. I came up with a concept where it was to be kind of be like a Mexican wrestling match. One of the “wrestlers” was Blue Wave, the bear I created, and is based on a Japanese woodblock printer named Hokusai. I had to come up with a counterpart for Hokusai Bear and decided to base the opposite character on Hiroshige and a Red Panda which is a Japanese animal that looks more like a fox to me. .

It took 1 day to draw up Red Moon (Hiroshige Panda) and modify Blue Wave (Hokusai Bear) to be in the animation. I blended a lot of their original prints from tons of photographs I’ve taken over the years too. I created the stadium set and for the action I decided to put in the windows the corresponding background for the character winning. If it’s equal or close to a tie, there is a corresponding background for that too where I combine the backgrounds. I’m pretty sure most people miss that detail though.

The last 3 days of time were spent on coordinating the music, recording Frank’s voice overs and doing the actual animation. I started out in After Effects but it took forever to move anything so I finished it in Premiere Pro. I wish I would have done most of it in Premiere because it went quite a bit faster once I switched.

I originally wanted Blue Wave to win but I ran out of time on Saturday. By that time, I was pretty happy with it so I just left it. I also know how rendering can take way longer than you think so I had a cut-off time(ish) to allow for that.

I’m going to do a couple of re-matches when I have a chance as a friend suggested. Since most of the work is done, it should only be an afternoon or 2.

Thanks Sarah for having such a great place to play with video. I really appreciate having an event like this.

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