Filmmaker Stories :: Sarah Ferrier

Sarah Ferrier :: Sister Blues

A short film captures a moment. It tells a story. It explores a thought. It showcases creativity.

The beauty of a short is that it allows you freedom to experiment, to try something new, without getting bogged down in all that a film implies. Anyone can make a one minute short. Most people have the tools already in their pockets and their imaginations.

When exploring ideas for my film I had so many things I wanted to incorporate. I wanted to play with color and music and story and images. I wanted to do something I’d never done before. And then my actor/musician got sick and I had to go with plan B. Which actually turned out great anyway. Backup plans are awesome.

I told the new storyline to a friend and her immediate reaction was “You’re going to do all that in a minute?”

I did.

All it takes is mere moments to convey thought and emotion. Universal images that everyone understands and all of a sudden you have a story and characters. Arcs and development.

One thing that I learned from working on this piece is what color can do for the mood and how extreme you can go with it. In feature films I never used to think about the color (until I started color correcting my own work). Extreme colors are accepted by the moviegoer when done properly. I’m still fine tuning my colors before the screening, but I’m working on letting the extreme be acceptable.

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